Your participation


The IMPaCT Cohort is a population-based cohort comprising 200,000 participants. Over 20 years, it aims to explore the psychological, social, environmental, and biological determinants of the most significant health conditions and diseases in our country.

If you've been selected to participate, you'll receive a call from your Health Center. The project involves excellent healthcare professionals who will explain what being part of the Cohort entails. Don't hesitate to join this great project!


At the time of contacting each individual by phone, our technical staff will provide detailed instructions and recommendations for visits to the IMPaCT Center. Here is a summary:

Documentation to bring for the first visit

We will ask you to provide your social security number, as well as other details from your health insurance card. Therefore, it will be important for you to bring it to the IMPaCT Center.

During the first visit, we will also ask for several contact phone numbers (mobile, home, work), as well as the number of a family member or acquaintance to contact in the future if needed.

Recommendations regarding clothing and footwear

On the day of the Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) setup visit, please come to the IMPaCT Center wearing either loose-sleeved clothing or short sleeves to allow for the placement of the cuff on your forearm.

Additionally, we recommend that you attend visits wearing comfortable clothing and footwear as we may need you to remove them for certain tests.

Arrive fasting on the day of the blood extraction.

We'll need to take blood samples for various analyses. IMPaCT staff will notify you of the day for this appointment so you can come to the Health Center fasting.